Amazing Fish Hunt from New Caledonia

Photographer Stephane Ducandas visited New Caledonia and photographed the process of catching fish by local residents. it was amazing very unique, have a look….

In the photo you can see a fisherman named Albert, he uses a spear called Assegai.

Amazing Fish Hunt (1) Fisherman prepares to jump looking for fish in the water

Amazing Fish Hunt (2)  Once the fish comes out of a coastal cliff, he rushes into the water pulling the spear forward.

Amazing Fish Hunt (3) Local fisherman jump with precision in a way not seen anywhere else, said by photographer Stephane Ducandas

Amazing Fish Hunt (4)

Amazing Fish Hunt (5)

A local boy relaxes in the sun by the crystal clear waters where fisherman catch food for their sea clan

Amazing Fish Hunt (6)

A local Boy shows off a caught fish as another throws out a fishing net in the Loyalty Islands Province

Amazing Fish Hunt (7)  A local woman walks along the amazing coastline

Amazing Fish Hunt (8)

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