Amazing Fish Hunt (1)

Amazing Fish Hunt from New Caledonia

Photographer Stephane Ducandas visited New Caledonia and photographed the process of catching fish by local residents. it was amazing very unique, have a look….

In the photo you can see a fisherman named Albert, he uses a spear called Assegai.

Amazing Fish Hunt (1) Fisherman prepares to jump looking for fish in the water

Amazing Fish Hunt (2)  Once the fish comes out of a coastal cliff, he rushes into the water pulling the spear forward.

Amazing Fish Hunt (3) Local fisherman jump with precision in a way not seen anywhere else, said by photographer Stephane Ducandas

Amazing Fish Hunt (4)

Amazing Fish Hunt (5)

A local boy relaxes in the sun by the crystal clear waters where fisherman catch food for their sea clan

Amazing Fish Hunt (6)

A local Boy shows off a caught fish as another throws out a fishing net in the Loyalty Islands Province

Amazing Fish Hunt (7)  A local woman walks along the amazing coastline

Amazing Fish Hunt (8)

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