Amazing handmade: Basket for your phone

Soon again have to puzzle over what to get close to the approaching holidays. Valentine’s Day the first of them. Again, hearts, cute congratulations. I would like to give something practical. Found on the Internet idea baskets for your phone. Business-something for a couple of hours, and the thing was very necessary.

Tubules of the newspapers have already nakrucheny and painted. Begin to weave the bottom.



Pattern “rope” propletaem 2-3 series.


Fold the small stands, as in the photo.


One series pletёm “rope” of 3 tubes, then simply “rope” 10 series.


Hearts for decor turned from scraps.


In primer added blue and caramel colored finished basket. After the paint has dried, sponge caused white paint for the effect of platinum. Basket like denim.

Very easy to use and the child will not reach!


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