Amazing Handmade Valentine Gift from newspaper and magazine tubes

Exactly a year since I took up weaving from newspapers and magazines. Accumulated a lot of colored tubes that need to be somehow “attach”. Some artists use the word “recycle”.

Now more romantic occasion tinkering gifts. Making Valentines!
This is probably the easiest thing I had to do a paper from the vine. Even weaving will not name. Therefore, any beginner can cope navertet these valentines.

1 (1)



With the help of glue “Moment” fix the fold.

The basis of some tubules needlewoman inserted wire. So it would be, of course, more convenient: harvesting would hold shape. But in the absence of had to “get out.”

In a chaotic manner pulls the tube to the base.


Next, decorate ready hearts. In the course went beads, beads, ribbons, lace …. The benefit of such a good full bins. Some hearts were put on tape.


Hearts smaller even faster clocked.



The result – a couple of hours five souvenirs!

I have an idea borrowed from the masters of the Internet. I do not know exactly who to thank. The good news is that there is a favorite with all the gifts for the holiday. I would hope that the magnets Heart and suspension will please my family.

All love !!!!


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