Amazing Office Places Around the World

In summer job gives especially hard. Especially when forced to marinate in a stuffy office under the watchful eye of the boss. It’s time to envy those who have a working space much more fortunate.

Cramping culture enclosed space – a usual thing for many office workers, because most of us spend most of his adult life, like rats in a cage close corporate. But not all offices, as they say, are equally useful. More precisely, they are not all identical. For example, these can be called a dream of any “office plankton”. We look at some of the best offices in the world and quietly envy .



1. Selgas Cano

Imagine that you are working on the Madrid architectural firm Selgas Cano. You know what that means? This means that you will prepare documents directly under the trees, the sun, surrounded by the serene atmosphere of nature.


2. José Selgas and Lucia Cano

have created for your company unique office using plexiglass, fiberglass and polyester-based materials. Work does not have to separate you from communion with nature, rather, nature and natural lighting enhance your professional skills.


3. Jump Studio


4. Bright approach Jump Studio

RedBull to the office in London was inspired by the energy drink and should encourage and instill energy into the company’s employees and visitors.


5. The office has three floors, a spacious roof, hanging ladder, slide and … what else is needed? Here set HILL!


6. Pallotta Teamworks

The phrase “above the sky” in the office of Pallotta Teamworks in Los Angeles seems particularly resonant.


7. The company has found the best way to create a unique and individual workstation on a budget just two million dollars.

As a result, the office is located in a warehouse in the 4366 sq. m, which is 40 dollars per square meter. And it’s half as much as usual.


8. The Company is very creatively approached the design of office and save on this big money.


9. David Ayas-Adekanl company for Innovation Imperative

These “Flip” offices that can accommodate two employees and two tables – a step away from the industrial atmosphere of standard office spaces.


10. Given their diverse nature

such Flip “houses” can be put anywhere, such as in the center of the forest. Created a miracle David Ayas-Adekanl for companies Innovation Imperative.Price is not small, but considering the use of modern materials and practical construction techniques – quite reasonable.


11. Google office in Zurich


12. No one was surprised

that this list has an office Google? This is obvious, given that the company can largely be described as “fashion trendsetter office.” And offices in Zurich – the perfect place for a conference during lunch.


13. Google Employees in Zurich

wanted “personal workspace that is functional as well as a neutral common areas that will have a strong visual quality to stimulate creativity, innovation and teamwork.” Well, it looks like they got it.


14. Google office in New York

Well, this office know all (well, at least, many have seen). At the same time modern and laid-back, but with a typical New York atmosphere. It is designed to encourage “casual encounters” among employees who have not spoken in other cases. Groups encourage employees to ensure that they meet and communicate with others.


15. The office complex occupies an entire city block. It employs 3,000 staff. Unsurprisingly, mopediki – the most common way to travel here.


16. This group of offices like the snowflakes – no two alike offices Google. If you want to spend your weekend interesting – google ‘offices Google ».


17. Arcade office


18. Even if you can not avoid this “claustrophobic” office life, you can try and make your desktop unique.


19. Somewhere in Middle Island

New York, a lover of video games, Brendan Bailey has created for himself a job which is more like a museum of arcade games. Yeah, here it is necessary to try to find at least a phone.


20. Inventionland

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a company Inventionland – wonderland area of ​​5667 square meters. m, which can be called, perhaps, the most eccentric office in the world.


21. Here, the staff do their job or on a huge pirate ship, or in a tree house, or on a huge race track, more like a child’s toy.


22. As if that were not enough

the territory also has three waterfalls and the like live trees, birds and butterflies. Inventionland calls itself “the largest factory of inventions in America,” arguing that innovation is still alive and well and provide daily ideological products and prototypes to thousands of companies.


23. Open Systems


24. In a minimalist and modern office Open Systems, which was designed by the Swiss company Meury Architektur, its atmosphere reigns.


25. This company has integrated services with a series of “identical boxes”

which is not clear for what reason (maybe because of the lack of angles) seem more attractive than traditional office boxes.


Each of the walls from floor to ceiling windows can be folded and put away to provide jobs.

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