Amazing Photos Of Mermaid

The word is a compound of mere, the Old English word for “sea”, and maid, a woman.A mermaid is a mythological aquatic creature with a female human head and torso and the tail of a fish. Mermaids are represented broadly in folklore, literature and popular culture.

There is no such thing as a real mermaid but mermaid sightings are real enough.There were no real scientists for much of human history, no trained observers to carefully describe what they saw.Today I have collected Some Amazing Photos of Mermaids.I hope you will  enjoy it.



37 thoughts on “Amazing Photos Of Mermaid”

  1. Dere is dis festival dey do in osun state(nigeria) where u get to wish for anytin at d river, and dis year am wishing to b a mermaid and which will be so

  2. wow wow wow…………………its hilarious n beautiful n just wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You people are against mermaids are wrong mermaids are beautiful creatures so if your against them shhhhhhhhhh

  4. god mermaids are real…?i wish i’m one of them, ….gods creation are real treasure here on earth..

  5. mermaids are not evil there very very nice and im not crazy but i was saved by a mermaid

  6. Actually to answer your question yes they are I have done lots of research on them I have seen fossils,dead bodies,and even real pictures they are real you do some research cause I have done lots

  7. I know I wish I could be one myself, I also wish I could see them through my own eyes (;

  8. How did you turn into one? Can you plz tell me what sell you used I really want to be one it would be the best day of my life and that would be good for me cause I have had many many MANY bad days in my life, I just wish one of them would be good ): ): ): ): ):

  9. Can u plz tell me what spell u used cause it would be good for me and all the other days in my life well, not so great but I would love to be one just like u(: and then there could be more mermaids in the world I just wish one of my days could be good): plz tell me the spell u used or how u turned into one plz plz plz u would make it the best day of my life just plz for the mermaids (; (:

  10. Mermaids are certainly real!
    There is proof that theyre real! Weapons like spears have been found in sharks and whales. No other animal in the ocean can do so. Ever heard of aquatic apes? There have been sightings of them deep in the ocean. People in submarines have spotted them. Theydo not look a. anything like the mermaids we see on this site. We have

  11. who ever douse not beleav in mermaids are crazy tey are real i know it i know it and if the pepoel that dont beleav in mermaids and they ever see one they wiil be sorry for what they sayed 9;

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