10 Amazing Roadside Statues

Everyone wants his city clean and beautiful, he wants that every strange person should be attracted by its beauty and color. And one of the coolest way to do this is by building lovely statues roadside. The following statues will throb your heart for some time on the internet. May be you try to wander these cities in future.

1) Giant Fish statue –

The city of Minnesota is known for its giant statues and to attract the fish lovers here is a big statue of a fish.


2)  Pink elephant –

You must have heard about grey and white elephants but want to see the pink elephant then you should come to this place. Look at the beauty of this small baby elephant.


3) Statue in Agra-

Agra is known for its roadside statues of freedom fighters, it’s the most effective way to remind about the great indian fighters. This statues are commonly found here.

One of the many roadside statues in Agra

4) Pocahontas statue –

Every red indian worships this lady and hence attracts thousands of people from around the world. This statue is situated in IOWA, USA.

10 Amazing Roadside Statues

5) Statue de superman-

This statue is an emblem for superhero lovers. You want to see this super human alive but its statue can also enhance your feelings. You like to live with him.

10 Amazing Roadside Statues

6)  Kingkong –

This statue remins us of the film “king kong” and we all love to see him again. So the people of Oshkosh, Winconsin decided to build this statue for us.

10 Amazing Roadside Statues

7)  Dinasaurs –

To make our fantasies real Claude Bell made this theme park in 1960  which is cotinuously attracting all the roadside travellers here.


10 Amazing Roadside Statues

8) World’s  largest buffalo-

This statue is situated in Jamestown, North Dakota which is no doubt the worlds largest buffalo. You love to take a ride on it.

10 Amazing Roadside Statues9) Pink liberty-

The symbol of New york is now also the symbol of Pinville, Kentucky as this city also requires liberty but in pink color. Statue is attracting thousands here too.


10 Amazing Roadside Statues10) Giant caveman –

Want to see the ancient man ???

Then you should come here as it is very much alive and will surely fulfill your dream.


10 Amazing Roadside Statues

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