Fashion Trends for Spring 2015

Winter Beauty laws like eyeliner or dark-colored metallic nails, with the advent of heat abruptly give way to a brighter trends, bold, in one word – spring. And though our winter hardly moves only to his middle, designers and fashion industry professionals know everything beforehand. So their fashion shows, photo shoots and bows they proclaim spring 2015 time colored eyebrows, habitual nail art and favorite red lipstick. However, this is not a complete list …

Rocker eye makeup: smokey eyes

Yes, the 70s are not going anywhere: on a par with shaggy hairstyles careless and long eyelashes came to us and the smoky eye makeup. Retro makeup reminds us of the turbulent second half of the 20th century, rockers, punks and other freedom-loving personalities. And though that era reckless vsedozvolennnosti passed, their brilliant makeup (though in a slightly softened version) is still with us.


Manicure in a minimalist style

White on black, a couple of points or bold square – no one expects you to reproduction of the painting “The Ninth Wave” on the little finger. The simpler, the better. Take the example of the artists what they are doing in similar styles. How do you, for example, Cubism?


Ink eyeliner under the eyes

Safely? Too? Here’s a she, fashion.


Lips: all shades of red

It’s time to finally determine its shade of red lipstick. The benefit of this season involved the entire palette of red and all sorts of variations: from pale orange to almost ripe cherry hue.


Bold emphasis on the eyes

Bright and colorful eyeliner in the corner of the eye already fell in love with many makeup artists and designers. Bright orange and blue accents – a fun way to stand out and emphasize the eyes.


Manicure with negative space

With this trend, we are very familiar with him and say goodbye not going. And you should not.Povzaimstvovanny artists reception with negative space continues its victorious march to our nails.


Eyebrows: a new level

All these broad, long, sable eyebrows are no longer a novelty, and in their place came a new way to distinguish – paint eyebrows in soft pastel colors or lighten up the color of the skin. Multi-colored eyebrows have become the new black.


Fresh and healthy complexion

Mnoige brands have become thoroughly take care of complexion models: it began to reorganize, adding blush, bronze, or vice versa, clarifying some areas. Skin after such manipulations looks like a chrysalis.However, it is good or not, we have not decided yet.


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