America’s wackiest roadside attractions

America’s wackiest roadside attractions

1. This bizarre petrol station on the Yakima Valley Highway in Zillah

2. In the 1950s, an entrepreneur named Alan Schafer set up

3. We can’t think of a much stranger retail experience than spending

4. On Route 441 in Orlando, Florida is Gatorland

5. If you’re going to build a copy of Stonehenge, why not do it

6. The bigger, the better seems to be the motto of most roadside

7. …and if that doesn’t float your boat

8. One of America’s corniest roadside attractions is the Corn Palace

9. For over six decades, people have flocked to the Florida town

10. Built to capitalise on the waves of tourists coming to see

11. One of the world’s more curious romantic gifts

12. Truck stops aren’t the most exciting of places

13. On the old Route 66 is the Blue Whale of Catoosa, Oklahoma

14. Some people might find a restaurant fronted by a 40-foot-tall

15. If you’re driving near Seattle, why not pop in to take a look

16. Statues of folk hero Paul Bunyan and his trusty

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