Animals Innocence In The Rain

Wet animals – it’s not just touching. Animals can serve as excellent meteorologists. Their behavior can be predicted storms and showers, and even navigate where to find the nearest shelter.

1. Squirrel in the rain

Animals In The Rain (17)

2. Sparrow

Animals In The Rain (16)

3. Cheetah under sleet

Since cheetahs and elephants in our environment, I think, is not observed, it would be logical to learn about how to behave animals coming to us in the rain. Cats before bad weather even in the summer heat sleep curled up. When cold snap cats running around the apartment restlessly, sharpen claws about everything that comes. However, pet easily fooled if, for example, to open the windows and arrange a draft, that is dramatically changing the atmosphere of the cool. You can also open the window at night. By morning, colder, and your pet will arrange races.

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4. Gorilla and the kids in the rain

Animals In The Rain (14)

5. Koala

Animals In The Rain (13)

6. Cats in the rain

When approaching rain all members of the cat family strenuously seek out grass, digging the earth, actively lick tail and wash ears.

Animals In The Rain (12)

7. Lama

Animals In The Rain (11)

8. Bat

Animals In The Rain (10)

9. Horses

Animals In The Rain (9)

10.Lioness hiding from the rain

roosters crowing active day to rain. Chickens at this time huddle on perches. Also, rain can be predicted by all the birds, they are all trying to get closer to the crowns of trees and sheds, even if the street is a bright sun. Birds feel rain for 1-2 hours.

Animals In The Rain (8)

11. Macaque

Animals In The Rain (7)

12. Sparrows before rain bathed in the dust. Ravens croak before the rain and Khokhlov. Fish jumping out of water and catches insects before the rain.

Animals In The Rain (6)

13. Wet lions in Tanzania

Animals In The Rain (5)

14. Orangutan
Moles dig before the rain slides. Before the rain fall grasshoppers get silent . Before the rain and thunder abruptly fall birds get silent. Hares before the rain roll in the dust, owl cries at night – for rain.
Animals In The Rain (4)

15. Dog

Animals In The Rain (3)

Animals In The Rain (2)

16. Flamingo

Animals In The Rain (1)

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