Anna Stoehr Open Facebook Account at Age 113

In 1900, Anna Stoehr was born and she will be celebrating her 114 birthday tomorrow on Oct 15, 2014.

She’s from Minnesota, and this isn’t the surprise, odd news is that she opened a Facebook account and had to fake her age as Facebook doesn’t have that age limit in the account opening file.

She enjoys using various gadgets and she still learns about new technology and still reads a lot.

His son, who is 85 year old, brought an iPhone recently and the employee from St. francis wireless zone, was amazed to know that her mother was alive.

Anna Stoehr 2

The employee, Joseph enjoys being in her company and teaches her how to email and Google.

And Joseph helped Anna to write a letter to Mark Zuckerberg from an old typewriter that she’s still here.

Watch the video below for some real action and how her 85 year old son looks too young.

via – Kare11

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