Are You Really Destined For Good Fortune?

Face reading is as old as can be, going back to many cultures, China being the most prominent where it’s often been used for picking mates in the old days. The face is where destiny experts look for mountains and rivers, which are regarded as indicators of wealth and good fortune. Although many people are sceptical of this kind of practice, just like they are of astrology or palmistry, many take it seriously and are fascinated by it. I think all of us have been interested in finding out what our appearance might hold in store and have looked up mole reading, or face reading at some point of our lives. So let your face tell you weather you’re destined for success!

Symmetrical Face. Well we all know the whole golden formula of beauty stating that a symmetrical face makes people more attractive and therefore lucky and successful. But the Chinese actually consider symmetry to be the first vital requirement of a wealthy face. Having two sides be as proportional to each other as possible opens the doors of luck and wealth.


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Long ears. Well defined and proportional ears indicate good fortune and wisdom. They represent the Yellow River to the Chinese, who have a great preference of long ears, which remind them of Buddha.


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Bright eyes. Regardless of shape or size, the eyes should always have life in them, a sparkle. Bright, steady eyes indicate inner vitality and prosperity.


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Plump Cheekbones. If the cheekbones are highly set it’s already an indication of vitality, but if they are fleshy (have flesh which makes you want to pinch them and color on them) it’s an additional sign of wealth and luck. Since the cheeks are in the middle of our face, they indicate success between the ages of 21-40.

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Thick eyebrows. Thick brows are an indication of physical vitality but also serve as protectors of our eyes (which are the window to our soul) from the evil spirits, jealous people and misfortunes. So don’t over pluck your face guards, or luck and wealth might slip away.

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A long nose, well may be not this long, but you get the point. Long noses have always been regarded favorably by the Chinese and are considered to be a repository of money fortune indicating wealth from many sources. A woman with a long nose is said to bring financial fortune to whomever she marries, and a man will make for a good businessman and likely succeed in his life.

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Lotus lips. Besides being considered a beauty mark, the little dimple between the nose and lips is considered to be a Huai river, a waterway of luck and prosperity. So if you have it consider yourself blessed.

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Strong chin. A solid jawline and a fleshy slightly protruding chin that resembles a mountain is an indicator of a persons ability to accumulate asset wealth. This is where our money is stored.

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Prominent forehead. A high, smooth, slightly rounded forehead is a major indicator of luck and wealth. This is the first mountain of prosperity in a persons life, therefore having a prominent one is a reliable factor of early success, wealth and overall luck with money.

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