Artist and Photographer Davies Babies

David Iwane has been an artist his whole entire life and always wanted to make a living off of it. Releasing how tough it is to make a living in the fine arts world he discovered a whole new world in the digital arts in high school. He immediately feel in love with digital photography and self-taught himself how to use Photoshop. After doing a lot of editing and manipulations with photo’s he started exploring graphic design and began doing designs for a local clothing company.

After high school he continued to pursue his career in Digital Art and attended Front Range Community College and got his Associates in Applied Science with the focus in Print & Presentation. In his time spent at FRCC he obtained a vast amount of knowledge in many different areas. He spent a lot of time learning the Adobe Programs like Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, Flash Catalyst, Firework, Garage Band, ext. Not only did he learn the Adobe Programs he also learned things like typography, web design, web layout, animation, vector illustration, photo manipulations, teamwork, deadlines, management of time, responsibility, priorities, and so much more.

He graduated from FRCC in the fall semester of 2012 and has been working with clients like GAP, Urban Outfitters, Threadless, Society 6, Design Milk, Mighty Wallet, This Song Is Sick, Griz, Monark Clothing, The Kase, Vandal, Travellers Music, Moombroton, Low Key.

Here are some of his selected works.












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