Audi’s Top Class Model’s in Picture (11 Pics)

Audi Cross Coupe Quattro debut in 2009 at Shanghai motor show. It is a premium solid sports car with four seats Suv.

Audi A3 e-tron 1.4-litre engine with 211bhp as well as a 27bhp electric motor. (Debut in Shanghai motor show)

Audi e-tron the two-seater weighing 1,350kg with 0-62mph in 5.9 seconds comes into view in 2010 Detroit Auto Show.

The Audi Project Rosemeyer styling look like the Audi Union Silver Arrows grand prix cars and it was named of German racing driver, Bernd Rosemeyer.

Audi Project Rosemeyer model car power up to 700bhp W16 engine. (Rear view)

The Audi RSQ characterized product assignment at its luxury and was formed for the sci-fi film I, Robot, set in 2035.

North American International Auto Show 2006 saying Audi exposed the Roadjet with 3.2-litre V6 engine and seven-speed gearbox.

Audi’s Shooting Brake model from the 2005 Tokyo motor show.

The Audi Sport back A5 and A7 models North American International Auto Show 2009.

Audi’s Steppenwolf featured with four level air suspension removable hard top with a high presentation all rounder.

An Interior look of Audi’s Steppenwolf.