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Are You Waiting For Google Glass? (1)

Are You Waiting For Unique Google Glass?

Google gives us a peak into the future with their new shades which listen to the command ‘Ok Glass’ to implement a variety of features, like if you want to take a picture or video of whatever the person is looking at, share it with others and even give directions. The concept faced criticism in terms of its look – would people really wear something so futuristic? Google is said to be in the talks with Warby Parker – a producer of modern and stylish glasses, to enhance the look of their shades and make it more appealing to the general public. I am very excited to see this unique google product in the market, what do you think? Continue reading


Amazing Frozen Waterfalls From Around The World

We used to see waterfalls, bubbling like falling down columns of water, raising water around the foam and mist, but in the cold winter, many turn to the amazing waterfalls of ice magic. In Minnesota, the State of Minneapolis, Minehaha Falls at 16 m height often freezes, become an incredible wall of blue ice. Under the waterfall you can even walk through a kind of “cave.” While many frozen waterfalls can be visited just so some of this is not enough: many daredevils try to conquer them. Each year, hundreds of these climbers risk their lives for the adrenaline rush. Using only ice axes and cats, these climbers climb the frozen columns and a huge wall of water, but we can`t blame its a passion and the beauty so check out Frozen waterfalls around the world…. Continue reading

Brighton Congress Tattooists In The UK (1)

Brighton Congress Tattooists In The UK

For the sixth time in a row in the UK, there is a event hosted the annual congress of Brighton tattooists. This year, at a pan-European event, the lovers of tattoo art from almost all European countries, brought together as a tattoo master and amateur tattoos to show their painted bodies. Also  the “Congress” entertained the audience by musicians, DJs and magicians. Masters competed in several categories. First, they presented their “homework”, that is, pre-made tattoo, then – tattoos made directly during the contest. Competitions were also held in several different categories, for which the master had to present black and white, color, small, large or ornamental tattoos, Have a look at the event photos…. Continue reading


The Day of Chocolate in Lviv, a Chocolate Madness

Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2013, in Lviv  six national holiday chocolate was held. Sweet action lasted four days, from 14 to 17 February and was held in the Palace of Arts. i am just giving you one warning after viewing this post you may be not able to stop your chocolate thirst as happend with me, have a look…… Continue reading

Dazzling Animated GIFs Designed To Mesmerise You (13)

Dazzling Animated GIFs Designed To Mesmerise You

If you haven’t already guessed, we’re huge fans of the humble “Animated GIF” it’s recent revival and reinterpretation as a form of art, has lead to some seriously ingenious and other worldly uses. Like bringing 22 Of Your Favourite Album Covers To Life, recreating Famous Scenes From Sci-Fi & Fantasy Films and even coming together to form a music video. Don’t even get us started on these 24 cinemagraphs featuring the work of Stanley Kubrick. So you can imagine how excited we were, when we stumbled across a Tumblr photo blog called “40Licks” (clearly the artist is a Rolling Stones fan) and saw they’d been creating and sharing some really mind-blowing animated GIFs. But perhaps best of all and in the spirit of making something new out of something that already exists, you can even upload your own image and ask them to create a GIF for you. Now THAT is seriously cool. Here’s a few of our personal favs from their collection, but head over to the 40Licks Tumblr account for even more eye-candy goodness. Continue reading

WTF Food Tattoos??? (13)

WTF Food Tattoos???

People are known for their occasional stupidity and unreasonable choices, for some it happens more often than other. These food tattoos seem to be totally pointless and pretty ugly if you ask me, although some are kind of funny. Slapping a pizza slice, a burger, or a chicken wing on your arm is just ridiculous, and I don’t know who would want to have that on their body for the rest of their life. Enjoy. Continue reading