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The Intricate Lace Paper Art

Looking at the work of the artist from Norway Karen Bit Vejle , you would think that before you fine lace. However, in reality it is nothing like the patterns are carefully hand-carved from a sheet of paper, created with only one pair of scissors. The art of paper cutting is quite a hard task that requires enormous patience and less skill. Many of us are familiar with childhood cutting snowflakes, but Karen has dedicated 35 years to this task and at present very few people in Europe can match her in the art of cutting out on such a high technical and artistic level. Continue reading

Unusual Amazing Cat Tattoos (24)

Unusual Amazing Cat Tattoos

Let’s face it, 90% of the internet essentially dedicate to cats. People paint them, put them in silly hats, dedicate fonts to them, heck there’s even an island dedicated entirely to them! Oh and did we mention that cats themselves actually make movies? We’re not joking But today, we’re taking the world’s obsession with our feline friends to the next level – by bringing you 24 artistic tattoos entirely dedicated to our furry four-legged friends. No doubt many of these tattoos would have been extremely painful, but they’ve all been created in name of fun and love. Some are beautiful, intricate and elegant, others will have you giggling away with delight. Continue reading