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Magical Sound of Rain. (4)

Magical Sound of Rain.

There are two ways, one the photographer can capture the world: on the one hand, he can capture its horrors, on the other – to clear it. Here, for example, Willy Ronis chose the second path. He like the rain, snow, and the “bad weather” evoke a romantic mood in people, mainly in large cities. These elements seems to him a great base for photos – unused visual universe with the power and wealth of expressive gentle light. Most of us have simply do not notice this universe, because we’re too busy trying to avoid the rain. People become ghostly silhouettes that go somewhere and obey the whims of rain or snow ..have a look How? Continue reading

Funniest Valentine Cards (1)

Funniest Valentine Cards

Valentine is about to ring the bells…cards are really common for your partner, Here Australian artist team Chris Mundy and Greg Lockhart has created a line of greeting cards that ultimately prove to be a bit confusing—perhaps even disturbing—in the overall expressions of love. The stalker-esque messages include things like “I love you so much I’ve got a picture of your face on the inside of my undies.” Now this could be a funny message if it’s just for fun, but it could also be a bit alarming if it proved to actually be true. These unique greeting cards are hilarious, twisted and definitely worth checking out! Continue reading

Adorably Terrifying Valentines By Kids (1)

Adorable Strange Valentines Made by Kids…

Valentines day is the day when either everything goes right, or everything goes horribly wrong. I hope none of you get murdered this Valentines day. For kids, Valentine’s Day gives them a chance to put that honesty to good use while telling their family members how much they care. Check out some adorable/threatening Valentines made by kids below. Continue reading

First Picture of Shakira's Son... (1)

First Picture of Shakira’s Son – Milan

Shakira has released the first photo of her sweet baby boy Milan – and, not surprisingly, it is beyond adorable. The snapshot features the singer’s soccer star beau, Gerard Piqué, delicately cradling the nearly two-week-old infant while giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Milan, who snoozes through his big photo shoot, has brown hair and full lips. Continue reading

Cartoon Street Art By Kenny Random (1)

Cartoon Street Art By Kenny Random

Kenny Random – is a master of street art from the Italian city of Padua. Basically, it’s all you can say about him. But his work speak about it a lot. Earlier projects include the silhouette of a man and his cat, who “wander” in the city, by painting it in bright colors. In his later works, Kenny uses cartoon characters. As the author says, – “I like to play with fantasy and reality, so I try to find the best place to give more power to the animated characters. Cartoons are very powerful on paper, but on the street, they become part of real life. A correctly chosen place can give them more power! ” Continue reading