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Delicate Stained Glass Windows of Cardboard …

Eric Standley, an artist and teacher of the Art School of the Polytechnic University of Virginia (School of Visual Arts at Virginia Tech). As he writes, these patterns are inspired by Gothic and medieval Islamic architecture. A technique is simple and fun:  hundreds of layers colored of cardboard, which he cuts by a special laser. its just unique… Continue reading

Incredible Anamorphic Sculptures by Jonty Hurwitz (1)

Incredible Anamorphic Sculptures by Jonty Hurwitz

London-based artist Jonty Hurwitz created amazing anamorphic sculptures that can only be seen in their own reflections. In fact, without the mirror cylinder, most of his pieces would look like rubbish.
To create these sculptures, Jonty first scaned a three-dimensional object, then uses computational software to come up with new physical forms.
“Finding that line between art and science is the underlying motivator in my art life,” said by Jonty. “By heart I’m an artist scientist archetype that loves projects and people. Each of the art works and ventures on this site represent a part of what I am.” Continue reading

Ice Sculptures After a Fire - Chicago (1)

Ice Sculptures After a Fire – Chicago

Firefighters in Chicago responded to the largest fire in years last night. According to The Chicago Tribune, at one point a third of the city’s firefighters were battling the blaze at a vacant warehouse.
Luckily no one was hurt, but the arctic temperatures the area is experiencing meant the firefighters faced issues like frozen hydrants.
The pictures of the action, however, are made simply stunning because of the ice. Have a look… Continue reading

Incredible Masterpieces of Ice Sculpture (1)

Incredible Masterpieces of Ice Sculpture

With the arrival of cold weather in different cities and towns master of ice figures create the intricate design of the ice blocks. In the case goes as artificial ice, and natural ice blocks. Sculptures are obtained and very simple, and very complicated, because there is no limit of imagination of this artist. we offer you a selection where you will find a dozen of these ice masterpieces from various countries. Continue reading

Biggest Gun Of The World??? (1)

Biggest Gun Of The World???

A native Polish village of Petrovo, A person named Ryszard Tobys produced the world’s largest gun, using as a template design Remington 1859. Weapons made of carbon steel and bronze trigger guard – from brass. Revolver giant weighs 45 kg, reaching a length of 126 cm As recognized by the Polish master, it is not practical to use the product, because to make the shot a distance of 100 meters must be installed on the gun with a solid footing.
A copy of the Remington 1859 by Ryszard Tobysa entered in the Guinness Book of Records. Continue reading

Chinese Millionaire Still Work As Street Cleaner... (1)

Chinese Millionaire Still Work As Street Cleaner…

A “millionaire woman” from Wuhan City in Central China has spent the last 15 years working six days a week as a street cleaner in order to show her kids the value of a hard day’s work.
Yu Youzhen, a former vegetable farmer who made her fortune through real estate development, has been employed as a sanitation worker since selling her land to the state in 1998. Continue reading

Funny Squirrels Nancy Rose... (1)

Lovely Story – Squirrels of Nancy Rose…

A girl named Nancy Rose loves Squirrels. So much so she photograph them almost every day. Fortunately, she got plenty of other objects to photograph. For example, in her recent pictures she imprinted  Squirrel named Mr. peanuts, who live on the left side of her back yard, and Miss P, who live in the neighborhood. Nancy love to create something for squirrels, something interesting, little things. For example, a tiny post office box, which Mr. Nut immediately investigated. Continue reading

World to Reflect Bubbles... (15)

World in Bubbles – Reflections

Photographer from England Richard Hicks takes the world in the reflection of bubbles. All of his work – this is the hunt for a great shot, because in his work he have not used a photo editor. As recognized photographer, one has a good shot at a few hundred unsuccessful. But it’s worth it, due to its unusual photography Richard received recognition: his work has appeared in magazines such as Digital Camera Magazine, Vanity Fair, GMTV and others. Continue reading