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Check Out Best Street Art of 2012 (29)

Check Out Best Street Art of 2012

Our world is a blank canvas and streets are part of it where people give breathtaking work as a art. We present you a selection of  30 coolest pieces of street art.
Among the best – simple and complex, funny and scary, unpretentious and sophisticated. We have tried to cover the whole range of incredible street art and show it to you from around the world… Continue reading

The World's Tallest Girl - Brazil (2)

Tallest Girl in The World and Love – Brazil

The world’s tallest teenage girl – 17-year-old Elisani da Cruz e Silva. Her height is 2.03 meters. She lives in Salinopolise, Brazil, and meets 22-year old boy Fransinaldo da Silva, whose height 1.63 meters. Elisani suffers from a peculiar form of gigantism that results from a tumor on the pituitary gland. Doctors removed the tumor, but the growth of a girl is not constant, it will give odds to any basketball player. Continue reading

Fantastic Landscapes by Edgar Moskoppa (13)

Fantastic Landscapes by Edgar Moskoppa

Fantastic landscapes, A Austrian photographer Edgar Moskoppa like to transport us to another world. World, which is full of bright colors, graceful beauty and incredible, almost dreamlike nature. Of course, Edgar uses different software to manage color in their pictures, but even so, his views deserve attention, just because of his skill, the constant desire to learn something new, and the eternal search for the aesthetic beauty we have the opportunity to enjoy such a beautiful scenery. Have a look… Continue reading