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bugs photography

Amazing Ladybugs in Raindrops

Rainy days can spoil the mood, but imagine the ladybirds! These photos presented by Spanish photographer Alejandro Ferrer Ruiz, seems truly beautiful, even with a hint of magic. Macro shots of these lovely creatures in tiny drops of dew at the same time admire and touches. Ladybug did not seem to notice his “burden” on the back, and held its important for natural affairs.
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Beer Cans

Beer Cans Can Be Used For Amazing Sculptures???

Makaon is a Japanese artist who specializes in creating sculptures from … aluminum cans. From his works, you will certainly learn a lot of characters from comics, cartoons and video games. Perhaps Makaon use templates of paper,then he creates his sculptures from aluminum cans. In any case, the results are impressive check out… Continue reading

Bear Paradise - Spa (1)

Bear Paradise – Spa

Today we have many choices of spa and treatments which are offered to make your skin and your body stays healthy. if you are familiar with the natural ingredients treatments,  now a different spa is available for you, the beer spa. i know beer lovers will definetly go for it.
For several years the beer spa became popular in Europe and America, which they say can make your life healthier. We don’t know if this is true or not but it’s certainly a great experience to have. Continue reading

chritsmas decoration

Christmas Decoration by Your Hands…

New Year – a holiday of magic and dreams come true. Naturally, you want to remember this day for a long time and was very special. What could be more special than decorating a Christmas tree with your own things? After all, Christmas tree – the Queen of the New Year. A Queen to decorate special. Here are some ideas for making the original Christmas tree decorations by your own.. beautifully have a look… Continue reading