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Beer – The Bitter-Better Drink

The days are gone when beer was associated with sagging bellies; your favourite pint is now gaining a status of a drink with health benefits – of course when consumed in moderation! This means, while men can consume about 710 ml of beer per day, women should limit it to 355 ml, to reap the health benefits. If you overdo it, just like any alcohol, beer too can take its toll on your health. So let’s look at the benefits and risks of drinking beer. Continue reading

Please Come Out Of Drug.... (3)

Please Come Out Of Drugs and Live Life…

London-based photographer Roman Sakovich gives us the opportunity to look at the dramatic visual changes caused by drugs. His project is called “half.” In these photos he shares his portraits of models in two – one, we see the common man, the second – the same person who is already in bondage to from this post i just really want my every visiter to please try and protect people from drugs, this thing is giving worst death to some humans please protect your child and future, a request to spread this message forward, Thank you… Continue reading


Street Art From DALeast

DALeast landed on the planet in 1984 in China, and then decided to live life as an artist. He studied sculpture at the Institute of Fine Arts and occasionally painted on the streets under the name DAL. It inspires him alot and like this way he worked in all around the world, and revealed the spiritual world, he is using the space of world to express the emotions and made Figures on the street. His Style of work is really unique. Continue reading


Emotional Obama

Well, Barack Obama is to be congratulated on his election and the fact that he has retained the presidency of the United States.But in this post, we are not talking about voting and the presidential victory, African-American U.S. president.Barack Obama can surely be called one of the most emotional presidents in the world. Yes it is all written on his face! He is a great man. Have a look…. Continue reading


Art of Toilet Paper

World have known artists who work with paper, but Sakiri Gokchebag chose not just paper for his creation its a toilet paper.Entirely. His series of sculptures entitled “Transsloi” consists of hundreds of rolls of toilet paper, which he puts in an incredibly beautiful abstract works of art on a white background. Turkish artist is trying to create beautiful objects everyday. He himself said that his inspiration “is searching poetry in everyday life.” I must say, the 47-year-old artist really creative to create interesting pictures from the unusual toilet paper. Continue reading