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Behind The Scenes - Part-2 (10)

Behind The Scenes – Part-2

Sometimes we are so imbued with the atmosphere of the film, that one hundred percent we believe on what is happening, and Check out the actors and their characters. Meanwhile, shooting of the film.

Just a few takes, and then again a break for preparatory work, during which interior decorators update the things, lighting people re-expose the light, make-up artists reformats the actors and the director explains to them the nuances of the game.

Here I Bring you photos from the shooting of the popular films that were made precisely at such moments of anxious waiting, when experts were preparing the stage, and the actors were on their own. In the context of the film many of the shots look funny. Continue reading


Retro Costumes For Halloween

Halloween is around the corner. Many have already prepared costumes, masks and make-up in order to meet the holiday on the dance floors of night clubs and parties. But earlier on Halloween costumes were quite different. There was not a sexy nurse or cute vampirchik or pirates. We offer you a look at a selection of retro pictures of costumes from past. I must say, some of them are really appealing. Continue reading