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Retro Costumes For Halloween

Halloween is around the corner. Many have already prepared costumes, masks and make-up in order to meet the holiday on the dance floors of night clubs and parties. But earlier on Halloween costumes were quite different. There was not a sexy nurse or cute vampirchik or pirates. We offer you a look at a selection of retro pictures of costumes from past. I must say, some of them are really appealing. Continue reading

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10 Most Inspiring and Unique Installations Around The World

Installation of art in the fresh air is truly  more inspiring then art locked up in the museum, Outside Installation give a wider viewing angle to viewers, usually some three dimensional unique work seems to be, they were created for this place only, where they are so, have a look of ten best examples of such installations from around the world, and I am sure after viewing this article you will really wish to visit these places…

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Glass Roof Of A Beautiful Unique House – London

Chelsea is an upmarket area of central London, Here we have seen a unique home – Four bedrooms, four bathrooms and a … glass sliding roof. At the moment the house is sold for sickly amount of 3.75 million pounds (or U.S. $ 6 million). In the first two photos you can see the interior of the room  with a sliding glass of roof, i know what you are thinking, its really unique right??? What designers thought when they made it that i really don’t know but the idea was really good and unique. have a look…. Continue reading


Google`s Data Centers – Photos

Google has given us a rare opportunity to see their data centers around the world, through which every day we can use the services of the global Internet company. This labyrinth of servers that handle Web requests in a retrieval system, we show the video on YouTube, and deliver emails to millions of people. Hundreds of thousands of servers, colorful wires and even bicycles for movement of workers in the middle – in this collection you will find the data centers in the former paper mill in Finland, and specially designed server farms in Iowa, USA. Have a look inside the GOOGLE… Continue reading

Scenic beach Turimetta (4)

Picturesque of Beautiful Turimetta Beach.

Turimetta beach is in an area known as the Northern Beach of Sydney, extending along the Pacific coast from the port of Sydney to Broken Bay. Accessible part of the beach for swimming  of Turimetta is 350 meters in length, while the bottom is very rocky and few intended for swimming. But this quiet and little-known beach is very picturesque. And at any time and under any weather conditions. Continue reading

Traditional Breakfasts From Around the World According to The LIFE (1)

Traditional Breakfasts From Around the World According to The LIFE

In 1972, the American magazine LIFE published a series of photographs on the subject of breakfast. So readers can get acquainted with traditional breakfast items in different nations of the world.  how the creators of this collection are close to the truth, we can judge by the description of “the traditional Russian breakfast.” Have a look…. Continue reading