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In Permafrost Found An Ancient Virus (1)

Most Dangerous Viruses Permafrost Found An Ancient Virus

French scientists had found a mysterious virus Pithovirus sibericum in the deep layers of permafrost at a depth of 30 meters on the Kolyma River in Russia.
The virus only infects unicellular organisms and are not similar to any known pathogen that can infect humans. However, the new discovery raises the possibility that global warming may lead to a revival of ancient or eliminate viruses. This may include viruses Neanderthals and smallpox, dormant in the ice thousands of years. Continue reading

How Would Look Without The Visual Effects Movies (3)

How Would Famous Movies Look Without The Visual Effects ???

While watching a movie in theaters or at home, sometimes we forget that what we see on the screen – this is not reality, and the product of hard work of many visual effects specialists. All this – the special effects that look like as a result of reality. At this year’s Academy Award for stunning visual effects will be nominated films such as “Gravity”, “The Hobbit: Smaug Wasteland,” “Iron Man 3″ and “Star Trek.” However, as these movies would look if they were shot without these effects?
We have gathered together footage from films made by computer graphics and scenes on the set before the special effects were superimposed on the image. Continue reading

10 Ways To Cheer Up Your Mind (1)

10 Best Ways To Cheer Up Your Mind

The human brain contains more than 80 billion neurons, and its weight is about 2% by weight of the entire body. For their livelihoods our brain requires almost 20% of all energy comes from food. And such a “voracity” the human brain shows even when nothing sensible not think, but just to say, there is. We offer you a selection of popular tips on how to make your brain work more productively, and not just to oxidize glucose idling. Continue reading


Nominees For The “Oscar” With Self?

To celebrate the award “Oscar” this year, the famous American portal sent nominees for the back to the past. Ten famous actors were at one shot with his young projections through photomontage.

We hope this collection will please you nice, because some of the characters have not changed, despite the fact that the time period between “then and now” is 20, and even 30 years. Continue reading