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Hummingbird Beautiful Close-UP (9)

Hummingbird Beautiful Close-UP – Chris Morgan

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Lift for Cyclists In Norway (6)

Lift for Cyclists In Norway – Unique Lift For BiCycles

The Norwegian Trondheim have lots of hills and a lot of cyclists too. For older fans of bike it was easier to climb the hill, so big interesting thing is they came up with the original lift.

Drive up to it and put your foot on the pedal, and it smoothly pulls you up. As soon as you remove the leg, the emphasis is hidden under the ground. Length of lift – 130 meters. The angle of inclination of – 10 ° to 18 °. Most recently, It was free, and the young mothers with prams and local children also began to use. Interesting isn’t? Continue reading

New Look At Self - Newselfie (2)

New Interesting Look At Self – Newselfie

Self, or, as they are now called,  “selfie” has long been firmly established in our lives. What did people not show who love to take pictures! Cupid’s bow, group self, pictures of animals, self after sex … the list is endless. It would seem that there is nothing new to invent. However, this self girl who decided to supplement them funny “special effects”, we are sure to be welcomed even the most demanding users of the Internet. As a minimum. check out…and click selfie :) Continue reading

Most Unique Calendar Of Flexible Girl In The World (11)

Most Unique Calendar Of Flexible Girl In The World

Julia Gyuntel, also known as the Golden, published the original calendar, which once again proves that she is still the most flexible woman on the planet.

You may have seen some pictures of Julia Gyuntel on the pages of our magazine. Recall that the Russian who now lives in Germany, is the owner of the world record, which is officially registered in the Guinness Book of Records. The girl managed to bend back as much as three to burst balloons for some twelve seconds! Photoshoot and calendar itself called “Requires the Secretary. Preferred flexibility. “
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