Awesome Impressionist Elephant Paint With Flower…SAVE ANIMALS

This artist neat strokes and a great sense of color, which would be envied even Picasso

But the point is that the newly-born impressionist … none other than the elephant. Nopakkao, also known as Peter, was the author of dozens of articles in recent years, some of them cost 700 dollars

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Nopakkao, which means “nine colors of gems”, began to paint eight years ago in the framework of Asian Elephant Art & Conservation Project (AEACP) in Ayutthaya province, 50 miles from Bangkok.
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According to information posted on the project website, the 11-year-old male elephant “has the amazing ability to paint landscapes and paintings with flowers.”

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Funds from the sale of his works used in the animal protection organization, in the training of rangers parks and reserves. Members of the organization say they “try to ensure a happy, diverse, healthy life elephants. Money raised through this project are to provide healthy food elephants, pay veterinary services. ”

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In the past, it was believed that people, forcing elephants to paint, abused them. But according to information AEAC, they “will not tolerate cruelty to animals as during painting, as well as in everyday life.”

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