Bear Paradise - Spa (1)

Bear Paradise – Spa

Today we have many choices of spa and treatments which are offered to make your skin and your body stays healthy. if you are familiar with the natural ingredients treatments,  now a different spa is available for you, the beer spa. i know beer lovers will definetly go for it.
For several years the beer spa became popular in Europe and America, which they say can make your life healthier. We don’t know if this is true or not but it’s certainly a great experience to have.

Bear Paradise - Spa (1)

All over Europe, especially in the Czech Republic and Germany, spa goers are taking dips in medicinal beer baths. Large metal tubs or barrels are filled with mineral water, beer, hops and yeast. Apparently, ancient Romans started doing this way back in the day and there is a science behind it. The beer has to be heated to exactly 93.2 degree Fahrenheit. The heat helps sweat out the toxins, the hops exfoliate the skin, and the active beer yeast infuses your body with vitamins. It can also help with acne, relieve muscle tension, warm up joints and support the immune system.

Bear Paradise - Spa (2)  How it feels when you take bath in beer? Maybe a little strange if you see you are surrounded by beer bubbles. But it might also be fun because while you are relaxing in the bath you can drink beer freely.

The Chodovar Brewery offers 20-minute soaks in their own specially-brewed dark lager. After, you’re wrapped in a cozy fleece blanket for a rest.
At Hotel Bahenec in the Czech Republic you first take a steam in the sauna, soak in a whirlpool barrel beer bath – equipped with taps and mugs – then lay in a bed of straw for a nap.
Soak in Moorhof’s hoppy tub of 2 percent-alcohol lager made by the local Schnaitl brewery. After your soak, you’re wrapped in a starchy white sheet and laid on a pile of warm alfalfa hay.

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