Beautiful Installation of 12,000 Bells On The Tree – Drums Between The Bells

Last year, the New Zealand artist Tiffany Singh has created his latest amazing installation entitled «Drums Between The Bells» . This installation consists of 12,000 bells hanging on white ribbon with a massive old tree in the center of Melbourne.
I am just thinking about the chime sound there, its really beautiful just have look…

1. “The name ‘Drums between the bells” is a kind of metaphor for our understanding between the physical and the spiritual world, “- explained by the artist.

Beautiful12,000 Bells On The Tree (1)

2. “The name of this great installation transformed in the open space area of ​​Melbourne with a real musical instrument in the fresh air.”

Beautiful12,000 Bells On The Tree (2)


3. “The tree is decorated with small bells hanging vertically from the branches. And people who go among them, are actively involved in the installation, as well as the wind. ”

Beautiful12,000 Bells On The Tree (3)

4. Photographer Tiffany Cleo Barnett helped to create this installation. She not only took off the whole process, but also she helped to hang the bells.

Beautiful12,000 Bells On The Tree (4)
5. ” First time I participated in such an event, – said by the photographer. – I had no idea how much work I had to do, and these memories will stay with me forever. ”

Beautiful12,000 Bells On The Tree (5)

6. “It’s so nice to work on something with such zeal, and then sit back and watch as your work pleases by tens of thousands of people.”

Beautiful12,000 Bells On The Tree (6)

7. “Passers-by came to a tree in a trance, as if my installation was magical and drew people like a magnet. Sight and sound of 12,000 bells in one place – it’s really something magical, surreal and even a sacred “.

Beautiful12,000 Bells On The Tree (7)