Best Gif’s of the Day – December 20, 2014

And no vet will ever be capable of removing balls of this size and quality.

This dog has got a very direct problem-solving method.

Failed sneak attack

Tinder Blue Steel

Cheeky goal

Bear cub loses his grip

Beautiful assist!

Kitten can’t take his eyes off a bird

She has an amazing voice

Weight Lifting. With Style

I knew it!

Follow the instruction

Flying above the clouds during sunrise

That has got to hurt

Lava sinkhole

Lioness vs. GoPro

How Christianity works

Is he…coughing?

One of my favourite scenes and episodes of Top Gear, ever.

Lighting a match

Stopped at a quarter past.

Northern lights time lapse

great dunk

Novice paraglider ridge soaring

An unreal kickflip front side wallride.

Don’t be rough though

Deep sea hydrothermal vents

Powdered sugar + sulfuric acid reaction

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