Best Gif’s of the Day – December 25, 2014

Why porn is considered unrealistic [SFW]

Perhaps picking on the guys advertising the local dojo wasn’t the smartest move.

Kim Jung Un looks at the White House

Adorable Annoyance

Fuck your tree

I miss Seinfeld.

It doesn’t like to be touched there!

Kevin kowalski going to switch while exiting a loop

Shit man, I gotta go!

Rhino pops a tire

Stop Resisting!

Playing Tennis on a bad hair day can be tough.

An F-15 at night.

Kayak Frontflip

Merry Derpness

Almost there. No, really, you’re so close.


The feels…

Car stuck on tracks get hit by train at full speed!

They’re among us.

Not up in here!

Every time my dog gets a new toy.

Whale nudges a sea lion

Swiper no swiping!


Taking off in extreme headwinds

A boomerang’s curved flight is reliant on the presence of air, not gravity. Since the International Space Station is filled with air, the boomerang flies as it would on Earth.

This movie is 15 years old.

Water Droplet on Hydrophobic Surface.

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