Best Gif’s of the Day – December 28, 2014

Everything changed when the missus visited..


Different yet similar

Om nom nom

Chuck Norris doing the splits.

Rescued baby walrus with her caretaker (x-post from /r/aww)

The ultimate snuggles (x-post from /r/aww)

Never trust public showers

No no no no no no nooooooo

Supper time drift

Japanese elevator prank

It’s like GTA V

How to draw a very even septagon

caught it

Moscow Drift

Hydrophobic sand.

Recoil of the largest rifle, the .950 JDJ

Just a Polar Bear cub getting tickled

kitty sliding

Carrying all the groceries in one trip

wtf cat

Graceful dismount

Star Wars Cat


Mini Ripsaw Kickass ATV

Shaq crashing into a Christmas tree.

Entire NBA teams bench getting out of Shaq’s way

A man, banana and some maracas

Baby snake

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