Best Gif’s of the Day – January 04, 2015


Chinese idea of the train that doesn’t stop to pick up passengers

Stop messing around! I don’t want to miss this

Cat with no front legs can still jump

James Harden gets an owie

Rough Sea

Young Bruins Fan

Deer isn’t allowed to practice his breast stroke. [x-post /r/FuckingWithNature]

Live Die Repeat.

Mk-48 torpedo hitting a decomissioned ship

they see me rollin’…

Cassette GIF I made. No idea why it was deleted.

Carrot peeling machine

Higher, hooman!

Cats probably think our vision is based on movement..

747 Landing through the fog (x-post from /r/aviationgifs)

Work break came early.

Premature popping

Taking it off.

Sand people ride in single file to hide their numbers.

Buddy you’re a boy make a big noise

“That hits the spot.”

Bike slide trick

I’ll see your young Bruins fan and raise you a young Penguins fan.

One of the highlights of this year. Lest we forget.

Lady Rey mysterio

Anthony Hopkins testing different masks for Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs

Clever Girl

Brace yourselves, these posts are coming now that Christmas is over with.

Clench, unclench

Lady makes a mistake of walking slow in front of a police car

A glimpse of what an Earthquake can do

My Record Collection [OC]

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