Best Gif’s of the Day – November 18, 2014

The best Gifs i have seen today and they made me laugh, amused and much more, enjoy the fun.


Uh.. hello

Japanese Political Debate Show

Fuck this shit I’m out.

I’ve found a gif. I could look at it for ever.

Kids on a magic carpet

What sort of witchcraft is this??

Chinese car race goes wrong

Nice shot

Quarry blasting wave.

Should not have said that

I will assert my dominance on my first child this way

I am a sceptical man…

Even one of the greatest skateboarders of all time finds the hoverboard strange at first.

I see your 2 line circle and post a 3 line circle

Lake Shore Drive

The power of Hokuto Shinken allows one to declare “FUCK PHYSICS”

This is what my dad thinks I do all day at work (I work for a software developer)

One of the few GIFS that is almost too perfect

Walking Dead physics make no sense as falling van lands like a cat

One Massive Half-pipe

I don’t get it!

A straight bar passing through a curved hole.

All is well)

Gorillaz fans?

I jumped into one of those foam pits…

Om nom nom nom nom

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