Best Photos of 2013, Made a Most Opportune Moment

Sometimes when you are getting ready to take a photo, you do not even suspect that many of them may be even better than you expected. And all because, by luck or guided by intuition, you click on the button at the right time. The result obtained, priceless pictures that convey “the same moment.”

1. A moment before an unplanned swim.

2. Eerie picture made ​​while trying to eat a spoonful of cinnamon.

3. In my mouth ,frisbee!

4. A second before its going to hurt.

5. One-armed fish.

6. Lectures were too many – the brain was blown away, and with the head.

7. Mustache under his nose … but not real … and fighter step.

8. Who is bearing whom?

9. What the sponge!

10. Fire also likes to be photographed and smile.

11. Adult child.

12. No, these “sponge” is definitely better!

13. What do you think, then they quarreled?

14. Went with my friends in a cafe …

15. Say Ahhh …

16. Falls from a bottle.

17. Taxi horse.

18. Fire in the form of a bunny. I like it..

19. I Dint catch that actually, clapping her hands.

20. Fire-breathing dog.

21. Successfully passed the front of the camera.

22. The President and the magic carpet.

23. catty girl.

24. Monkey could not resist. And the guy on the left is: “Well, Doom”

25. Fire-breathing person.

26. Strange thief, may be he like ice-cream more

27. Sick dog?

28. Myaaaaach!

29. Successful couple photo.

30.   After a moment …

31. Invisible kid on the chair.

32. Another successful photo “boy-girl.”

33. Perfect throw.

34. I am Gonna Fly – dog.

35. Properly scared, girl!

36. Jump through the plane.

37. Involuntary kiss.

38. The happiest dog in the world.

39. Shower for the beloved coach.

40. Accidentally fell or it was conceived?

41. “Guys, I suddenly wanted to swim. ! ”

42. The very moment when the bubble begins to burst.

43. “Yes, exactly a catch

44. Walking on water.

45. “ohhhhh!