Best Places in the World to Smoke Weed

Here’s your guide to the Best Places in the World to Smoke Weed. Some destinations have completely legalized it, while other provide a combination of legal loopholes and non-existent enforcement that make them Meccas for those looking to get high. The next time you’re planning a trip, consider the Best Places in the World to Smoke Weed before you buy your tickets.

We don’t endorse drug use, but we get it; life is hard, work sucks, and why would God put the stuff out there in the wilderness if he didn’t want man to discover it and smoke it? And what sorts of arbitary laws make nicotine and alcohol (both lethal drugs in their own right) illegal but criminalize marijuana? If you’re looking to take a trip on the high side, consider the Best Places in the World to Smoke Weed.


It’s perfectly legal to smoke weed in coffee shops like this one in Amsterdam. They will serve you some of the most exotic blends at a comfy table where you can read your newspaper, talk about global warming or just cure your munchies with fellow weed enthusiats. Also on the menu: pot brownies, which we’re told, produce a totally different sort of high. Amsterdam is THE place for it!

San Francisco

San Francisco has served as a hippie haven since the 60s. People come here from all around the globe to partake in the colorful, festive and slightly baked culture of the the West Coast. Smoking weed is illegal here, but under the guise of medical marijuana you can score some amazing stuff. Doctors will write you a prescription for ailments as vague as “stress” and “general pain,” and the city’s dispensaries are clinical, well-stocked, and professional set-ups.

Tel Aviv

Mary Jane fever runs pretty high in this Israeli city. People here have been fighting to get weed legalized for a long time. But they do have the next best thing to legalized marijuana – medical marijuana. Even here, fake prescriptions and generous doses help the good stuff circulate in this Middle-Eastern heaven!

Varanasi during the Kumbh Mela

You will find unusual looking babas and hippies smoking bags and bags of charas during this iconic festival. Although it’s illegal to smoke weed in India, it is next to impossible not to score some primo bud during Kumbh Mela and frolic around the Ganges. The only downside to this is that the festival takes place only once every three years. However, most babas in the city smoke weed as a matter of practise, and insist that their disciples do so as well. Is that one class you’re eager to sign up for?

Anywhere in India during Holi

The closest thing to legalized weed in India is Bhang, which is made from cannabis itself. And the best time to get your hands on some of the most potent and legal Bhang is during Holi. You can smoke it, drink it or even stuff it in ladoos and eat it. This strain of cannabis will take you to another world altogether. What’s more, most paanwallas stock the stuff during the festival. All you have to do is wait your turn till next Holi.

39 thoughts on “Best Places in the World to Smoke Weed”

  1. weeds are taken every where in d world and we should not pretend about dat but 2 find it legalise is another weird story. stay out of drugs.

  2. how can you hate people just for something they enjoy and most likely something that you have never even used?

  3. To be honest Sarah, you really shouldn’t be judging people for something that you have clearly not partaken in yourself. I can understand if you don’t like to damage your lungs and people are blowing smoke in your face, but to just blindly hate all smokers is ignorance and very disappointing. I hope you reconsider your position and broaden your perspective a little bit.

  4. Haha I know doctors and nurses that smoke weed and talk about how it’s not bad for you. The only reason it’s illegal is because the government has put to much money into forcing a law on it. It will be soon that it’s legalized. The government will then begin to tax it…

    By the way, those of you opposing marijuana on here shouldn’t be wasting their time. Instead, try spending that time opposing alcohol and cigarettes. Unlike weed, they actually kill people. In fact, a lot of people. Not that im against them, just throwing that out there.

  5.  think given that over a million people die in india every year due to tobacco itself and more than half of it due to alchohol, when the figure of deaths is set to rise atleast 5-7% every year due to more and more people getting addicted to tobacco. it will be smart to compare that with marijuana which has killed Zero people in the past 5000 years of its discovery, in time… it has 50,000 uses, ranging to medical to industrial and social benefits… how naive are we humans to ignore so many important things abt the plant for centuries, startles me… Cannabis has now discovered to not only prevent cancerous growth but also reverse or sometimes Cure them…not only this, it can give relief to upto 250 different diseases and prolong the life of a patient even during fatal diseases like epilepsy, tumour, alzeimer, cancer, and 18… other life threating fatal diseases which yet has no cure been found…Not only is it a wonder drug, it is an excellant source of protein both in kids and adults, as well as over all life expectancy and healthy body. I wonder what more has the plant to offer and this exactly should be the motto of all the scienctists to come together in india (like many other countries eg USA, EU, UK, Australia, etc) and start researching in this field of health care to help humanity, help india… Please I urge all of you to study the cannabis plant in greater detail before throwing unsubstantiated opinions about the plant, when the case should be abt discussing the facts… Best of all, it is completely non addictive unlike smoking cig, alcohol or any other drug.

  6. marijuana helps the dying live, and in your case since you are rude, and inconsiderate person.  Perhaps marijuana could be beneficial… perhaps it could give you better insight on the world around you, and possibly even give you a better perception of the people, and the world around you to make you a better all around person. 

  7. I recently stopped smoking the MJ after 30 years- I used, sold, grew, smuggled and smoked about an 1/8 a day (of the ILL NA-NA) during that time. I have been to AMSTERDAM 4 times in the last 20 years, Jamaica twice, and Vancouver twice. Why did I quit? I was diagnosed with a bladder tumor in 2011. I have never used tobacco and am a moderate beer drinker. I eat well, exercise, and do no other drugs. I have NO family history of cancer and have had no hazardous exposure to chemicals.

    When I was in Vancouver the prior fall, I urinated blood. I saw my physician upon return and after a few tests determined it as a tumor. Prior to the laproscopy, the Urologist asked if I was a smoker. I said “Do you mean Tobacco?” He gave me a curious look. I said NO. Wanting to know why he told me that… the tumor was probably benign and there was only a 5-7% change it was maligant if I DIDN”T smoke tobacco. If I did smoke cigarettes, make that about 30%. Wanting to be completely honest- I said at “ONE TIME” I was a heavy WEED smoker. He said that research being conducted in the UK, Jamaica, and South Africa ( and not in the US AND not funded by the DEA in case you’re one of those conspiracy stoners) has shown that WEED CAN and DOES increase the odds of Bladder Cancer. How much? From the 5-7% chance to as high as 25%-35% (especially in males). He said to check it out several medical studies and papers published on the internet.

    I did my homework and looked on the net…Weed appearrently doesn’t cause LUNG cancer but creates HIGH risk for bladder cancer. You know how it sometimes takes 3-4 weeks to pass a piss test? Why when the THC is out of you in about 8-12 hours do you fail a drug test 2 weeks later? BECAUSE the carcinagens remain in your body, pass in the urine thru the kidneys (slowly), and then come in contact with the wall of the bladder while you are waiting to take a leak. Eventually after a few weeks its all out. Contact of the urine with the inner wall of the bladder over time produces tumors.

    I also spoke with one of the cool nurses at the Urologist office (who smokes weed occasionally) who said they are seeing more and more people (men mostly) in their 40″s develop Bladder cancer instead of the NORMAL 60-75 age group. Common link appears to be weed. I asked her if the DOC and her were just trying to get me to quit…she said no. In the Urology world, she said its common knowledge and MORE on-going research is being conducted right now.

    When I was 20-30 yrs old, I felt like WEED was a sacred herb and the greatest thing since sliced bread. In my 30’s, I developed a need for the stuff ” to CALM down”. Eventually I couldn’t go more than a day or two without smoking unless it was for a job. The “JONES” was horrible – I couldn’t eat, sleep, or concentrate on anything except getting HIGH. In my early 40’s, I developed Panic Attacks and had to go on meds. I didn’t go anywhere or do anything except, eat, sleep, watch TV, work, and SMOKE copious quantities of fine bud. I was overweight and also developed mild depression. Still I didn’t cut back or quit until the cancer. Getting high isn’t worth your life, especially at 48 yrs of age. They burned off the tumor which was incrediblely painful. What was worse was the week after where I had a catheter up my DICK pissing blood and urine in a bag. It hurt so much that I had to take OXYCOTIN for 2 weeks- The OXY did nothing except SLIGHTLY mask the pain. I went through 8 weeks of Chemo, TWICE in the last 12 months and after this aggressive treatment, I was LUCKY and I am now CANCER FREE!

    I miss smoking so bad you have no idea but I don’t want to go through this again. So, you youngbloods, please heed my warning. I am NOT a “reformed” pothead preaching some NEW gospel. I didn’t become a Jesus FREAK and I do NOT frown on my peeps who still toke. Smoking anything is NOT good for your lungs- GET A VAPORIZER. Maryjane is not without its dangers to your help. Sure no one has ever OD’d on weed but there are LONG term consequences-You could get SICK like I did, busted, poor (unless you grow or sell it) at $300-$500 an oz,or denied employment. Don’t smoke so much F-ing bud…high THC weed will cause mild addiction over many years whether it is only MENTAL or not. Drink tons of water to flush the bad shit out of your body and avoid alcohol in excess since it de-hydrates you if you are smoking alot.

    Ever notice its mostly young people 15-35 who smoke the most? Why don’t you see 50-70 year old stoners ALL over the place? What happened to all those potheads from the 1960″s and 1970″s ?There are a few old hippies but mainly the LONG term consequences have caused most of us to quit or cut down drastically. ENJOY the BUD through a vaporizer and smoke a little once and awhile and I think you’ll be OK. BUT if you are a fiend like I was with might be heading down a dangerous path you might not be able to get off. Peace and love to all my Ganja Lovers… be safe and live a long wonderful life.

  8. Totally agree with this person right here. Weed is harmless, Alcohol and cigarettes kill. Stop hating on Marijuana

  9. I think you shouldn’t worry about everyonce as long as they don’t bother you! Even though you hate no one asdkef for you to reply or be on this website

  10. Nice post 30 plus !!!! I am a weed junky since I was a kid and am in my late 40’s now….Your post has inspired me to buck up and let go of my addiction even more so…For the last few years I have contemplated back and forth the idea of quitting..Tried for 2 1/2 months to clean up for a chance at passing a urinalysis for a better job…. STILL wasn’t clean after that time…Really surprised me how long it would stay in my system….I settled for a lesser job and went back to smoking full time again…I am kicking the habbit of cigarettes right now too….Been sick of em for a while and it’s not really a problem if your sincerely sick of something to kick a habbit…I still relate being high to playing rock n roll as I’ve done for years as well as relate it to many other things I do…Kinda goes hand in hand with certain things in some association….Time to realize Im almost 50 now and grow away from the old habbits…reminisce the old days & get along with trying to preserve what chances I have left for maintaining better health…. Thanks again for your post !! It helps me somewhere in there & I’m obliged…

  11. u can smoke weed anywhere as long as u watch ur back….. as far as I know , portugal is the ONLY place in the world where it is actually LEGAL for recreational use (as is all narcotics , halucinagenics , etc)…yup , you can go to portugal and do a hit of acid and snort a line of heroin or coke or whatever & not be in danger of law enforcement taking you off.. so with that in mind , youll still have to watch ur back in amsterdam….I mean by chance , you may end up getting in trouble for it under some circumstance…It is NOT legal in amsterdam….google it….read for yourself…..dont rely on what others just say about it….

  12. Well,i don’t cannabis harms,no proven evidence that THC or any other thing in cannabis harms,smokers or should i say…Stoners,have this way of thinking,our minds can expand,we’re normal humans,and we should not be imprisoned or taken for the possession of a plant that grow on this earth,it was here before we existed,did it tell us to die or that it was here before us so we have to leave?but what did we do?we burn them,cut them down,people lose their lives because of the cutting of cannabis,it’s their job,and i think hemp is the most industrial thing ever,we should change the world,expand,not be ignorant and uneducated because they call this wild plant a drug,i don’t think god did a mistake,it grows and will keep growing,take a while to understand,be positive,peace out.

  13. Why come on this website then. Maybe its about time you had a good old puff then maybe wont go trolling and hating other people you douche bag!

  14. weed is not harmful, it makes u feel better :D

    weed doesn’t pose crime like rape, violence, stupidity while alcohol do..

    weed should be legal in place of alcohol.. :D

  15. i hate when people do drugs. im just sitten there and they wont share. i’ll be scrachen my neck beggin

  16. Iambic in my late 40s I smoked weed , hash, like, red leb, temple ball, oil, tie sticks, there was all kinds about then, I kept on smoking as I was in car crash on 1991, get a lot off pain and if I don’t smoke skunk I start to pee myself, and NO is not the cannabis, as I stoped it thinking it made me relaxed, Doctor put me on valium, & the painkillers I been on are all opiates, so they make me a pill junkie did I say I live in UK Scotland , were is illegal to have &smoke, reading some off the stuff on here some of yous hate smokers of cannabis, I really think your against drugs, they say it leads to harder drugs, well some my think that but I don’t as I haved a lot of experience in drugs, as I try a lot of different wan’s and stop everyone but cannabis as it help control the pain and the pee.
    That way I like to ask if someone can help? Iam thinking of moving to Portugal as the UK is hopeless on cannabis, so were the best resort I can move to and get medical cannabis or coffee shops you can have a smoke and take some home, so we don’t bother (SARAH). Let me ask you this Sarah do you drink? Well I try I a few time’s & I fucking hate it and can’t stand drunk people they just want to coz trouble after a few drinks they get cheeky and want to fight, No nothing wrong way that and fags as the Government make plenty of tax of it, one more thing it’s my body so you do your thing and I just keep on the cannabis, if you can tell me someone that as died way cannabis NO the tobacco it’s mixed way is the danger, I don’t understand people like Sarah really piss’s off as what harm iam doing to you?

  17. Meth head 817, Why don’t you to scratching your neck and stick your hand in you pocket , is called MONEY, £££££££. Is that paper stuff HaHa.

  18. Oh really beautifull….wtf i m a bloody deadsmoker …if u cant see me smokin then keep maa lips busy

  19. “Being a Rasta” I love being the one!!! Btw i dont care about my fucking life………..Mj reveals god in me


  21. Smoking Weed(marijuana)
    Is Injerious To health it damage your lungh and iT effect our brain And we may forget all things….

    –itz a Drug onCe U take it you can’T leave it—–

    Be-ware of it……..

  22. Fuccccckkk ! im stoned and reading this ! Dude weed is good. Thinking is bad !
    I believe weed is good. Weed is not bad but good ! Weed makes u feel good ! Weed makes u live good ! Be a good person and smoke some good WEED !

  23. Ok for one weed doesnt damage your lungs or cause brain danmage. it does however help cancer patients, and is used for many medical reasons. I used to have really bad depression till i started smoking now i dont have anymore suisidal thoughts and it helps me sleep at night. Marijuana isnt a drug its a fucking hurb. And its not even addictive and whoever says they’re “addicted” are fucking stupid.

  24. well,don’t blame God here ,you wanted these things so God gave you ,still you have independency ,you wanna take it or not ,you chose your own path ,don’t blame God in everything

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