Best Places in the World to Smoke Weed

Here’s your guide to the Best Places in the World to Smoke Weed. Some destinations have completely legalized it, while other provide a combination of legal loopholes and non-existent enforcement that make them Meccas for those looking to get high. The next time you’re planning a trip, consider the Best Places in the World to Smoke Weed before you buy your tickets.

We don’t endorse drug use, but we get it; life is hard, work sucks, and why would God put the stuff out there in the wilderness if he didn’t want man to discover it and smoke it? And what sorts of arbitary laws make nicotine and alcohol (both lethal drugs in their own right) illegal but criminalize marijuana? If you’re looking to take a trip on the high side, consider the Best Places in the World to Smoke Weed.


Best Places in the World to Smoke Weed

It’s perfectly legal to smoke weed in coffee shops like this one in Amsterdam. They will serve you some of the most exotic blends at a comfy table where you can read your newspaper, talk about global warming or just cure your munchies with fellow weed enthusiats. Also on the menu: pot brownies, which we’re told, produce a totally different sort of high. Amsterdam is THE place for it!

San Francisco

San Francisco has served as a hippie haven since the 60s. People come here from all around the globe to partake in the colorful, festive and slightly baked culture of the the West Coast. Smoking weed is illegal here, but under the guise of medical marijuana you can score some amazing stuff. Doctors will write you a prescription for ailments as vague as “stress” and “general pain,” and the city’s dispensaries are clinical, well-stocked, and professional set-ups.

Tel Aviv

Mary Jane fever runs pretty high in this Israeli city. People here have been fighting to get weed legalized for a long time. But they do have the next best thing to legalized marijuana – medical marijuana. Even here, fake prescriptions and generous doses help the good stuff circulate in this Middle-Eastern heaven!

Varanasi during the Kumbh Mela

You will find unusual looking babas and hippies smoking bags and bags of charas during this iconic festival. Although it’s illegal to smoke weed in India, it is next to impossible not to score some primo bud during Kumbh Mela and frolic around the Ganges. The only downside to this is that the festival takes place only once every three years. However, most babas in the city smoke weed as a matter of practise, and insist that their disciples do so as well. Is that one class you’re eager to sign up for?

Anywhere in India during Holi

The closest thing to legalized weed in India is Bhang, which is made from cannabis itself. And the best time to get your hands on some of the most potent and legal Bhang is during Holi. You can smoke it, drink it or even stuff it in ladoos and eat it. This strain of cannabis will take you to another world altogether. What’s more, most paanwallas stock the stuff during the festival. All you have to do is wait your turn till next Holi.

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