Black Friday 2012

Black Friday 2012

1. Black Friday has traditionally been only for shoppers in the US – but now British retailers are cashing in.

2. People shop at Target on Thanksgiving Day.

3. Why are we waiting … Shoppers line up for the Toys R US sale in New York.

4. Jason Um and Steven Le joke around while sitting with their bags while shopping at the Los Cerreitos Center mall.

5. Shoppers look over items on sale at a Macy’s store in New York.

6. A crowd gathers as security guards break up a fight between shoppers waiting in line just as the doors open at a Target store.

7. (L-R) Isabella Coates, Heather Montalto and Marissa Montalto sit on a bench at the South Shore Plaza.

8. Workers and supporters march outside a local Wal-Mart retail store in Milwaukee.

9. While inside the shopping continues. A woman shops for toys at a Walmart Store in Chicago.

10. Look what we’ve got … One shopper is pleased with her new 40 inch screen TV from Target.

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