XXL Needles for the Knitting Made of PVC Pipes

The young woman, known in the social. networks under the name Otterknot, presented his blanket made of wool. However, she bound him with not quite the usual way. An expert used the yarn thickness of a line, and instead of spokes – two PVC pipes. The whole process of work she captured on camera.



Quilt made by skilled worker Otterknot.

Once on the sale of a young woman, known under the pseudonym Otterknot, bought as many as 3 bags of yarn and decided to tie one blanket. However, she did not go the easy way, and made from yarn thread size of a hand.


Production of yarn from the yarn.


The drying process.

First woman rolled the wool into the ropes, secure them with a cloth, washed and dried the 5 hours that they took shape. Otterknot then took two PVC pipes, which are used instead of needles, and by simple manipulations tied blanket.


An expert knit blanket using PVC pipe.

The result was a simple, but very warm woolen. Mistress herself notes that knit it was a lot of fun, although it took her a lot of time and effort.


The finished product is made of wool.

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