Book Vending Machine: Try your luck

In a bookstore in Toronto can be found unusual vending machine, in which instead of soda and candy bars can be treated with … a new book ! ” Each book is – surprise! All books are different! 112 million names! ” – It is written in the book machine. It is hard to resist and not to try your luck …



“Biblio-Mat” is in an institution The Monkey’s Paw , which positions itself as “an antique shop specializing in unusual books and paper artifacts era of printing.” Designer Craig Small specially designed this book as a kind of machine bored cunning alternative trading machines that visitors often do not even notice.




Each book, though it The thin paperback edition or weighty volume hardcover – as someone lucky – costs $ 2. When a visitor down into the slot coin machine begins to hum, vibrate and ring at the same time with the sound drops out old phone book, each time is different. Perhaps this kind of lottery, the most useful of all.