The Best Place to Wait for Flights

In Singapore, construction began on a large-scale complex, which will be part of the international airport. The building will be designed as a glass dome with a botanical garden and a 40-meter waterfall. Passengers staying in it certainly will not be bored waiting for a flight.


The company’s specialists Safdie Archtitects led by world-renowned architect Moshe Safdie began work on a large-scale complex located on the territory of Changi Airport ( Changi Airport Jewel ) in Singapore. It is a multifunctional space designed not only to wait for staying flights. It will also include cultural and entertainment locations, botanical gardens and the hotel.



The area of the complex is 134 thousand square meters. Whole area will be covered by a huge glass dome. His support will be provided by means of woody structural columns.
The main “highlight” of the complex will be a 40-meter waterfall “Rain whirlwind» («Rain Vortex»). For its operation will be used rainwater.


Particular attention is given a 5-storey botanical garden, which was called “Forest Valley» («Forest Valley»). There will be collected the most rare and expensive plants. Visitors will be able to walk on a specially equipped tracks and enjoy the views of tropical flowers and trees.

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Enter the building will be three airport terminals. If we consider that the passenger traffic of 53 million per year, we can assume that the popularity of the complex will be provided at 100 percent.

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