Brave Dog Muggles Saved Family From House Fire

A family who lost everything when their house went up in flames are counting their blessings because they all got out alive.

And it’s all thanks to Muggles the dog, who heroically alerted them to the danger just in time.

A family who lost everything to a house fire in Auckland, New Zealand, have credited their shaggy dog Muggles with saving their lives. Mom Tracy Baird said she and her two daughters would have perished in the blaze had Muggles not warned her that the drapes in one of the bedrooms had caught alight. “If she hadn’t alerted me to the fire, it probably would have been another two minutes before I had noticed what was going on,” Baird told 3 News. By then, they’d safely exited and the fire had spread, the house too hot to set foot in. “The front windows were smashing out,” Baird said. Although the family now has no clothes, home, or car, they do still have their Muggles, who we suspect has lots of bones and belly rubs coming her way. [Source]


Brave Dog Muggles Saved Family From House Fire

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