BreakUP in GIF

Love is really complicated ? Breakups suck, we know. It starts with the crying. And then comes the eating. But finally you’ll come out of it with a “deal with it” attitude and you’ll be able to look at this set of GIFs and laugh. For those of you getting over a breakup, here are some GIFs to sympathize. And for those of you who are not, these are sure to be amusing!

1. At first you are all like:

Breakups in GIF`S (1)   Breakups in GIF`S (2)   Breakups in GIF`S (3)   Breakups in GIF`S (4)

And then you bust out the good stuff.

Breakups in GIF`S (5)   Breakups in GIF`S (6)

But in the end, you are like: END!

Breakups in GIF`S (7)

But i know some times its not that easy like the pictures says, but i guess no one have understand the love if you have any suggestion plz leave comment…


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