Britain’s Prince William , Wife Kate And His Son Trip to Australia and New Zealand.

Britain’s Prince William and his wife Kate begin a multi-day trip to Australia and New Zealand.Interest to the official tour of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at this time especially warms the fact that together with them on a long journey for the first time went to the little prince – baby Georgie. No sooner had the plane young representatives of royal houses of Britain land in the New Zealand capital as the Western tabloids immediately inserted a pin to the duchess. Katherine criticized for the way she dressed young son. While Kate was very dressed up in coat and hat, and William – in expensive suit of fine wool, little George was sitting on my mother’s hands in a light blouse and short shorts. And this despite the fact that the weather in Wellington is not hot: in New Zealand now autumn. At the airport, the royal family met with an official delegation headed by the Prime Minister of New Zealand John Kay. All the while Kate and William exchanging pleasantries with the host country and posed for photographers, George, as a true prince, and behaved impeccably. Due to bad weather the royal couple and their entourage had to change trains in Sydney, where over time their plane took RNZAF. In total flight from London lasted nearly 30 hours, but the kid seems perfectly slept on board, and at the airport curiously looking around.

Britain's Prince William , Wife Kate And His Son Trip to Australia and New Zealand. (1)
Young George first went on a long journey.

Katherine to start overseas visit chose bright but elegant attire: scarlet coat and hat, “pill” in the style of Jacqueline Kennedy. To stay Kate and William prepared carefully: Voyage to the Duchess before sewed several suitcases of dresses, and this time their design was given the highest priority. As the Daily Mail source close to the court of Queen Elizabeth II is tired of seeing the pictures on the pages of the tabloids Kate Middleton in short dresses with the hem, an inflatable wind. “Grandma” nation seriously attended crowned image of the family and asked for the Duchess of Cambridge continue to wear less revealing outfits. Queen insisted Closet Catherine now picked up a personal stylist Elizabeth Angela Kelly. In addition, according to the environment Kate Princess lacks luster – therefore urgently removed from the treasury more heirlooms to give to society receptions 31-year-old wife of William of royal grandeur. At the airport, the Duchess of Wellington on the coat adorned one of these precious copies brooch in the form of a fern leaf in platinum and diamonds. And, of course, on the finger of Kate shone How many famous Princess Diana with a sapphire and diamonds that William gave Catherine an engagement. Young mother looked so flawlessly that Queen Elizabeth was already fit to take a breath and relax. But apparently, not destiny when Katherine got off the plane and started down the ladder, a gust of wind blew strongly floors of her coat, and before the eyes of the official delegation of the newly appeared long legs Duchess of Cambridge. However, nagging at her for it can unless the 87-year-old ruler of Britain: a figure like Kate, you only proud!
When she walked down the ramp, a stray gust of wind caught her coat floors and surrounding able to admire the beautiful feet of the Duchess.

From the airport, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with his son went to the residence ofGeneral -Governor, where representatives of the Maori had a welcome ceremony for them “Hongi” reminding “Eskimo kiss.” Because of bad weather, Prince George missed the ceremony as parents prefer to leave the baby in the room with the nurse. It is planned that during his official visit to New Zealand and Australia Catherine and William will visit about a dozen cities in these two countries. They will see yachting competitions in Auckland harbor, visit the rugby stadium and vineyards. In Australia, the Duke of Cambridge and Prince George will visit Sydney, Queensland, Adelaide, Canberra, and in the Blue Mountains. Of course, accompanied by parents at all official events for the baby too tiring, so the program of the visit is built primarily in the interests of the child. The Duke and Duchess will travel back to the same “base”, where they will wait for the son. Only two nights a week for all three parents did not hold in the same house with the child. All this time, George will look after new nanny heir Teresa Turrion Borrallo. She was born in a small Spanish town of Palencia, and at age 20 moved to the UK. 43-year-old Teresa brilliantly speaks several languages, as well as owns Taekwondo.
Despite the 30-hour flight, the little prince behaved impeccably.