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British photographer Robbie Shone explores beautiful ice caves in a Swiss glacier

1. British adventure photographer Robbie Shone descended into the Gorner Glacier near Zermatt in Switzerland to capture spectacular pictures of ice caves.

2. Robbie said: “It was extremely spectacular. This was the first time I’d been in an ice cave and they were absolutely beautiful.

3. “Ice caves are more impressive than ‘normal’ caves – they offer a completely different challenge.

4. Robbie and a team of seven others descended into moulins – vertical shafts in the glacier – to map, photograph and survey the caves.

5. “We were the first group to map these moulins and because the glaciers move around 15 metres a year – they change every year.

6. “We were camping for six days and because of the heavy snow we spent two days digging a path down to the glacier.

7. “The trip was a complete success and will help researchers get a better understanding of glaciers’ rate of melting.”




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