British rock climbers conquer the east face of Cerro Autana in Venezuela

British rock climbers conquer the east face of Cerro Autana in Venezuela

1. British rock climber Leo Houlding and a team of fellow climbers and local fixers have completed an ascent of the east face of Cerro Autana in Venezuela, one of the Amazon’s most remote and sacred mountains.

2. Cerro Autana is a spectacular quartzite-sandstone tepuy (table-top mountain) situated deep in the jungle in the state of Amazonas in Venezuela.

3. The starting point for the expedition was the frontier town of Puerto Ayacucho. From there, the team made their way to the Piaroa

4. The initial climbing involved as much vegetation as rock race and was slow going. As the rock quality improved, Houlding.

5. A cave equal in scale and grandeur to a cathedral proved to be the finest ‘wall camp’ imaginable with fresh running water, firewood.

6. Above the cave the wall became incredibly steep, but a sustained push from the team eventually took them to the summit.

7. Leo was joined on the expedition by fellow climbers Jason Pickles and Stanley Leary, filmmakers Alastair Lee and David Reeves, and local adventurers Yupi Rangel and Alejandro Lamus.

8. “It really was a journey into a lost world,” said Leo. “There were so many unknowns and hazards, once in a lifetime experiences and unforgettable moments.

9. Aerial image of tepuis showing Mount Autana (Cerro Autana), Amazonas territory, Venezuela, South America

10. Climber Alejandro Lamus at the foot of the Cerro Autana

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