How to Built a Adapter to eliminate the Christmas light “Strobing” effect for $5

This is the finished product. One extension cord that now outputs a fully rectified current at one end for LED lights. Wiring the full wave bridge rectifier into an extension cord allows just the one rectifier to be used on up to ~15 strings of LED lights. You could however wire it directly into the string if you wished.

Note: I did NOT have to use a smoothing capacitor to get the desired result, but you could if you wanted to.


This is a Full Wave Bridge Rectifier. It converts the AC current into something more like DC current by flipping the negative side of the wave. It effectively doubles the frequency of flashing. Radio shack sells these for $3 each, but you can get them online (usually shipped from China) for much less if you are willing to wait. The rectifier is good for up to 8 Amps, 400 Volts. Overkill means the fuses on the light strings should burn out long before the load on the rectifier becomes problematic.


The indoor lights! now 100% less headache inducing!


For those who requested a wiring diagram. The (-) and (+) ends go to the LED end of the cord the (S) symbol represents alternating current, and those two ends go to the wall.


And a drawing. Please note that I am a Mechanical and Aerospace engineer, not an electrical engineer, and that i am aware my diagram is shit.

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