Burial places of English monarchs

Burial places of English monarchs

1. The much-despised King John died in 1216, probably of dysentery, though many stories circulated that he had been killed by poisoned fruit or ale.

2. According to legend, the remains of the great King Arthur and his wife Guinevere were found buried at this spot in the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey in the 12th century.

3. Queen Victoria was insistent that she and her beloved husband Prince Albert would not be buried in traditional royal style in an abbey.

4. Henry I died while in Normandy, but his remains were transported all the way back to Reading Abbey in Berkshire.

5. Many of our most famous monarchs are buried at Westminster Abbey, including Elizabeth I (pictured), Edward the Confessor, Henry V and Mary.

6. In St George’s Chapel (pictured) at Windsor Castle rests the remains of many monarchs, including the deposed Charles I.

7. Another English king not buried on home ground is Richard I or “Richard the Lionheart”, who was struck by an arrow when suppressing a revolt in Limousin, France in 1199.

8. This simple plaque marks the last known resting place of the cake-burning king Alfred the Great, in what was once Hyde Abbey.

The ill-fated Lady Jane Grey, ruler for just nine days, is buried in the same chapel where she was beheaded, in the grounds of the Tower of London. Henry VIII’s wives Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard are also buried here.

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