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First Flying Car Is All Set To Go On Sale In 2015

I hope you remember long time back I have posted a  Information about flying car but at that time it was not decided that when its going to come in market now here the latest news on it- for the people who really want to fly but don’t have license like me. Check this out you will love it.

This is Capable of taking off vertically and flying completely on its own, this street-legal flying car won’t require a pilot’s license to operate. Continue reading


Beautiful Pictures – Autumn in The Air

September 22 in the Northern Hemisphere is the day of the equinox, and fall officially and finally come into its own. Autumn – it is the harvest season, it’s time to agricultural fairs, festivals, migrations and prepare for winter. People are beginning to feel the frost in the evening and the morning air, the foliage reaches its peak multicolored apples and pumpkins are collected you can see here and the animals came to life started preparing for the approaching winter. Continue reading

The Best Photos of 2013 Magazine Twistedsifter

The Best Photos of 2013 Magazine Twistedsifter

It’s hard to believe, but that’s already opened the final quarter of 2013. Before the New Year is still far, but want to start summing up. Network magazine Twistedsifter did so – published 75 best photos of the day for 2013. Let’s take a look. In the end, the best way to remember the outgoing year, if not the best looking photos? By the way, these photos from the section “Photo of the day” does not necessarily have been made in 2013 and just this year they are very popular, So let us know which one you like the best…. Continue reading

Lovers on The Streets of New York (3)

Lovers on The Streets of New York

For 30 years a street photographer in New York Matt Weber saw it all: the homeless, cruelty, oddities and other harsh details that give it the character of the Big Apple. But see also the “soft side” of New York, a city where people fall in love, and the couple are not shy to show their feelings in public. Weber is always trying to capture different emotions on their shots. Often, in a city like New York, it can only be a feeling of anger and irritation. But sometimes you can see and something gentle, sweet, sublime. For example, love. Just be in love and love everyone. Continue reading