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ASAP you can have a Cup of ‘Oprah Chai,’ Created by Oprah Winfrey, at a Starbucks

Starbucks Corp will add a celebrity blend to its big tea push when it debuts ‘Oprah Chai,’ a tea-based drink created by media mogul Oprah Winfrey.

Starbucks said Winfrey developed the tea with Teavana’s leading teaologist Naoko Tsunoda. It is a blend of tea infused with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves, and will be sold in tins or as prepared tea lattes. Continue reading

Buiding Collapses in New York – News

Recent News- New York: The New York City fire department says an East Harlem apartment building has exploded and collapsed, leading to 11 minor injuries.

WABC says residents heard a large explosion in an apartment building near Park Avenue and 116th Street around 9 am Wednesday. The building was five stories and appeared to be reduced to rubble.

TV news footage shows billowing smoke and firefighters dousing the site from ladder trucks. Bricks also cover parked vehicles.

Residents reported hearing a large explosion in an apartment building around 9 am.

The site is adjacent to Metro-North commuter railroad tracks, not far from the northeastern tip of Central Park. Metro-North says it has halted service to and from Grand Central Terminal.

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Girl Cut Off Her Hair and Gave it to Charity (3)

Girl Cut Off Her Hair and Gave it to Charity

Three year old girl cut off her long hair and gave it to charity. From her hair, they are going to make wig for children with cancer who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy.
“Sometimes children get sick, and they fall hair. It’s very, very sad. I do not want kids were sad because they have no hair. I want to give them their hair. Because I have long hair, they can be to cut off. ” Continue reading

I Dont Want To Leave My Mother , A Newborn Baby Touching Moment Video

An adorable video of a newborn baby who refused to let go of its mum soon after a caesarean section birth has gone viral. The baby is seen nuzzling the mother’s face and bursting into protesting cries as a nurse tries to pull it away from the mother.

The baby grabs the mother’s face with a tiny hand as it is being dragged away. The video has close to 3 million hits.

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Bikers Change Lives of Abused Children

“FA” was just 10 years old when her stepfather starting abusing her. By the time she was 15 and preparing to testify against him, she was suicidal, afraid, and unable to sleep. Then she met “Tombstone,” a lifelong biker and member of BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse /, a group whose sole mission is to empower children who have been victimized. Dressed in leather, the rough looking group stood guard at her house 24 hours until she felt safe. The experience changed the course of her life.  Continue reading

Amazing Footage of Lightning Striking the Burj Khalifa

This is the moment fork lightning lights up the Dubai sky as it strikes the tallest building on earth.

The stunning photograph was taken during a ferocious thunder storm on Wednesday, and captures the split second lightning strikes the Burj Khalifa skyscraper – the tallest man-made structure on the planet.

Photographers Brian Hawkins and Michael Shainblum were able to capture enough images of the storm raging over the emirate to create an incredible time lapse video showing the Dubai skyline alternating between shades of pink and blue as bolts of lightning repeatedly strike skyscrapers. Continue reading

Kotozavr Rex - A Giant Cat Found New Home and Owners (5)

Kotozavr Rex – A Giant Cat Found New Home and Owners

Cat Pickles was simple stray cat from Boston … Although it is not simple, because she was different and very impressive size. Compassionate citizens took him to the shelter where lined up a whole line of people looking to take a giant cat, who was nicknamed Kotozavr Rex. Happy couple in love was the hosts Andrew and Emily Zarvos Malysz. Continue reading

Olga Graf Forgot To Wear Something Inside ;) (1)

Olga Graf Forgot To Wear Something Inside ;)

Russian skater Olga Graf, who won the first medal of the Russian team at the Olympics in Sochi, admitted that she had forgotten that under the tracksuit, which she unbuttoned after the race, no clothes.
“We have such nice suits, skinny body and I wore nothing under it. When finished the race had forgotten about it. Unbuttoned emotion and thought, “Oh the horror.” I think the video clip will be soon on YouTube, so that soon it will be possible to see “- quoted Count” Soviet sport “. Continue reading