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Extreme Body Modification Joel Miggler (1)

Extreme Body Modification To a New Level – Joel Miggler

23-year-old Joel Miggler, also known as Bodymoded Punky, Küssaberg lives in Germany and is in great passion for body modification. Above all, he was famous for his large holes in the cheeks, whose diameter is 36 mm. Some people see Joel on the street, surprise considering his other general panic, and some people even like it, but not one remains indifferent.

Some will really don’t like it so see if you can see???

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Most Weird Model You May Have Ever Seen………

All around the world are used to a model appearance, which is published in glossy magazines. She have the perfect shape, well-groomed face and hair. 25-year-old fashion model Melanie Gaydos (Melanie Gaydos) is fundamentally different from the generally accepted canons. Many people do not mince words, seeing Melanie. But those who have managed to have a little chat with the girl, saying that she had an incredible energy, charisma and inner beauty! Take a look! Continue reading


Really Uncommon Weird Eye Tattoo Designs

Really weird eye tattoos but has a history behind it check out…..

A little lesson in the History of tattoos having the Eye of Horus – This is a symbol used by people of Egypt and often called the eye of Ra. According to the tales behind this, it is supposed to date back to the war between Horus and Seth over the throne. Since Horus possessed the left eye of the moon and the right eye of the sun, he was the victor, though he lost his left eye during the course of the battle. This eye was subsequently restored by the God Troth. As Horus is also called the God who has the falcon head and the eye is also based on the eye of this bird, it makes for a great design. Considered lucky and a sign of victory, this eye has look and some amazing history behind it to make it interesting. Continue reading

"Experts" in the Art of Security (12)

“Experts” in the Field of Security and Safety

” Someone is working with Helmet on your building site?  Insurance is enough for them?  “No mask on a welders head? Now think of something! ” People really work with intelligence sometimes on a dangerous location or may be they are experts in the field of safety.

This post is dedicated to just such “craftsmen”. From desperate builders and glaziers who are not afraid of height, to reckless workers holding legs mate, that they fell off the roof – welcome to the world of irresponsibility and carelessness towards their own health and life. And I am sure you have also seen some of them live but sometimes you cant help it.

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Partying and Boozing - British New Year's Eve (26)

Partying and Boozing – British New Year’s Eve

I am sure you have celebrated this 2014 new year in a rocking way, Dancing , party , booze May be you don’t remember ;)

New Year’s Eve in Britain was held as always stormy. Not all woke up the next morning at home – someone met the first day of 2014 in the police station, someone in a hospital bed. According to the results on the 1st of January in London alone, there were about 100 arrests: multiple issues and dozens of violations of law, fighting, drunk driving and so on. Check out the fun, But i feel bad for the people who still work at the night like cleaners and cops….. Continue reading