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Really Odd Advertisement Catching Eyes on Web (1)

Really Best Creative Odd Advertisement Of The Year

Nowadays, many refer to advertising as to more concentrate on business strategies. We do not notice the bright illustrations with text in magazines, on billboards, TV and a very good reason. I suggest you to see a selection of the best creative advertising of the year.Such advertising people always pay attention. Check out… Continue reading

Photoguide on Sooo Weird Edible Insects How To Eat?

Everyone remembers the cartoon “The Lion King” and one of the most fun of his characters – Timon and Pumbaa. And now remember what they ate. “Eww, insects” – remember you with disgust, “the moment.” However, the insects feed on these days not onlyto animals, but also to people. Moreover, some consider them to be a real delicacy. If you are tired of traditional food from different countries, feel free to scroll our list of the most popular edible insects and be inspired by new culinary feats. but if are vegetarian then dont see this even, you will not like it, same as me. Continue reading

Candid Photos of Leo DiCaprio (5)

Candid Photos of Leo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is in more then one hundred girls mind around the world. From that moment on, this star truly ignited in the movie “Titanic,” the blond lady’s man does not cease to excite the imagination and thoughts of young girls in many countries. Well, we offer you the most hot and sexy pictures of him girls! But he dont want his hotness to be visible check out. Continue reading

Unusual Scrambled Eggs Spot in the Town – Art-Eggcident, Wilhelmina Square

These sunny-side-up creations is the work of Famous Dutch artist Henk Hofstra. His Art-Eggcident is open to all in the town Wilhelmina Square. The eight fried eggs have a diameter of 7.5 meters. Some have a bulging yolk 2.3 meters high. Members of the public have come out of their shell to engage with the artworks. The eggs will fry in the sun for the next six months… While breakfast lovers get to admire his extraordinary talent. check out.. Continue reading