Chairs Now can Hug You, Tightly !!!

Do you need a cuddle from a chair?

Yes, its now possible for people to get a hug anytime they want. A Japanese company has come up with a with a chair that can cuddle you anytime you want. Called “Tranquality Chair’

Not only this, due to old age dominance in Japan (around a quarter) their are number of products that are made for targeted audience of age above 60. These include “Life Rhythm Dolls” that are programmed such to remind medicine or toilet activities.

hugging chair

UniCare, the company states that these Dolls, Chairs and Seal Robots are made to comfort people, so that they can talk to them and hug them. Playing music thats nostalgic to many is also an important feature in robots like these.


Seal Robots are their since 2004, made by automation pioneer AIST, it allows people to have pets, due to apartment rules and with these robots you have nothing to worry about, like they don’t scratch you or poo anywhere they find a suitable spot.


As many as 3,000 seals are already in market around the world.

What do you think about this robot culture? Do you like to have one of your own?

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